Why Residents are Protesting against Mcdonalds in Tecoma Australia

Tecoma, Australia is a small rural town just east of Melbourne. Although it only has a population of roughly 2,000 residents it is proving that it carries a very powerful punch. The residents in this small town have been protesting a proposal by McDonald’s to open one of its restaurants in that small community.

A significant portion of the residents in this small town have made it lucidly clear that they don’t want the fast food giant setting up shop in their community. According to a report by CNN the residents have multitudinous concerns and the concerns are proportionately spread across a wide demographic.

There are those that believe the restaurant would be an eyesore and totally destroy the beauty of the current landscape. There are others that take issue with an international restaurant chain invading their small town and believe it would be the beginning of an influx of such chains. This is just the beginning of the concerns that the residents have expressed quite candidly.

Others believe that it would create a traffic and subsequent litter problem that, at this point, does not currently exist. For even more, there is the concern that the restaurant will be positioned directly opposite a kindergarten and primary school and the concern is that the kids would be exposed to the negative element attracted to such commercial establishments.

One of the major concerns, especially by doctors and others in the health industry, is the decline in community health associated with the consumption of fast food on a consistent basis. Research has been done on other countries and cultures in which McDonald’s has become a part of the normal landscape and there have been direct ties to obesity, heart health and other associated illnesses.

With so many different concerns originating from such a wide demographic, it has been a difficult task for McDonald’s to accurately and adequately address each or these issues to the satisfaction of these citizens. The fast food giant has indicated in a statement that it has worked hard to stay in close contact with the community and has been diligent in its attempt to address all of the concerns of the community and will continue to do so.

Though this is a small campaign being waged in a small community, it has had a wide reaching impact, making world news. The effectiveness of such campaigns are not always easy to quantify, but just on the magnitude of media attention it has garnered, it should be seen as a success.