Man says Hamburger Bought at Fast Food Giant never Rotted

A man in Utah has undertaken an experiment over the past several years in what he describes as fun. He bought a McDonald’s hamburger in 1999 and says it is still looking like it did when purchased. According to KSL News, David Whipple says he bought the burger from McDonald’s on July 7, 1999 to use for a demonstration about enzymatic action to a group of weight loss advocates he was involved with. His plan was to save the burger for a month and then display it. “At the little meeting, I showed the hamburger and the pickle, which was just starting to disintegrate,” Whipple writes. “There was no decomposition to the meat or bun, nor any mold, fungus or smell. It had no bad odor at all.” After the meeting, he put the burger into the pocket of his jacket and then forgot all about it. The jacket was described as sitting in his truck all summer. Eventually the […]

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How to Make Easy Tasty Desserts

From simple to rather more complicated, very light to rather naughty, dessert is just one of those hard-to-resist facts of life. In fact, I know many people, of the female variety, it must be confessed, who would rather skip the meal and get to the dessert. We won’t suggest you go that far here, but perhaps just give you some new-to-you recipe ideas for those finishing touches to a great meal. 1. PEACHES WITH CHERRY SAUCE (Serves 4) INGREDIENTS: 1 large can of peaches 1 medium can of cherries Juice of one big lemon 1 teaspoon of cornflour 2 tablespoons of apple jelly METHOD: Drain the peach juice into a bowl, add the cherry juice, lemon juice and blend in the cornflour, no lumps. Arrange your peaches on a serving dish. Put the juice mixture, along with the apple jelly, into a saucepan and stir it all together over a low heat until you have a thick, clear sauce. Smell […]

The Key to Making Silky Cheesecakes

Tofu is a key ingredient in a cheescake that is silky and smooth. Also it is guilt-free, and you can still eat it even if you are a vegan, lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, or on a special diet due to heart problems. It’s easier and more delicious than you could imagine. Tofu creates a lighter cheesecake, which won’t weigh on your stomach like a rock, as a cheesecake made with cream cheese. And it’s much better for your waistline. Sucanat and turbinado sugar are available at health food stores; I buy them in the bulk aisle. Ingredients Crust 1 cup graham cracker crumbs1/2 cup finely ground almonds1/4 cup unrefined sucanat or Turbinado sugar2 eggs4 T vegan margarine Filling 2 lbs. firm tofu1 1/2 c. maple syrup1 c. canola oil1/2 c. lemon juice1 tbsp. natural vanilla extract2 tbsp. Arrowroot powder2 tsp. salt Preheat oven to 350 deg. Assemble the graham cracker crumbs, ground almonds and sugar in a bowl. With […]

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What is Blue Waffle Infection

Doctors said the infection is a blue waffle hard to identify the type of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The state was not recognized officially, but it exists in the field of medicine. Waffle Blue can occur both men and women, but the impact is considered superior to the latter. Known as a parasitic infection, it says on the urinary system and reproductive systems. In addition, it mainly affects the urethra and vagina of a woman. Blue waffle infection is also called trichomoniasis and trichomoniasis. Blue Waffle Disease Wiki: When someone refers to a Blue Waffle, “they do not mean your typical blueberry breakfast food. A “wafer”is a slang term for “vagina. ” And a “Blue Waffle”is a slang term for a severe vaginal infection. It’s basically a slang term for a severe infection extremely wicked or vaginal / STD in the vagina. The infection can cause damage to the exterior of the vagina and bruising, which leads him to look […]

How to use a Pastry Bag

A pastry bag is one of those kitchen tools that seems to provide a perfect way to make a mess and foster unnecessary personal frustration until you understand it. Then, as if by magic, it morphs into one of your star kitchen helpers and you wonder how you ever got along without it. A pastry bag with an accompanying assortment of piping tips is used to decorate cakes with frills and blossoms, but in addition a pastry bag is a tool that you will use time and again to easily and appetizingly present your food to the world. Once you have mastered the pastry bag, you are ready to make: * Crisp meringue shells and kisses to be filled with the freshest and most flavorful fruit, or elements to complete extravagant Christmas logs and other holiday desserts, * Sweet and savory soft butter cookies, piped through a pastry bag, retain their exceptional buttery flavor, only a minimal amount of flour […]

How to Decorate a Cake using Fresh Flowers

Using fresh flowers on cakes can be lovely, and a very effective way of bringing some of the outdoors in. As pretty as this is, it does tend to present its own set of problems, so make sure you’re aware of all these things and plan accordingly. After you have baked your cake and it’s all cooled, frosted and stacked (if stacking is necessary for your particular cake) you are ready to begin your work with the flowers. The very first thing you need to do while working with fresh flowers it to gently rinse them in cool water to remove any chemicals or bugs you cannot see, then up until the time you are going to begin to decorate with them store them in a bowl of cool water. One very easy way to incorporate flowers onto your cake without getting too complicated would be to decorate with flower petals. If you’re feeling up to being a little more […]

How to Make Candied Orange Peel

How to Make Candied Orange Peel Candied orange peel is something unique and special, that any ingenious cook can make. It is easy to make and quite tasty! Children love the taste of it too!   Candied peel can add a wonderful, different and unique flavor to cakes or cookies, at any time of the year. It may not be something that you can purchase in your local grocery store, even though there are other, different kinds of candied peel that you can buy, particularly around the holiday season. Remember the different kinds of peel that go in Christmas cake? How can you make candied orange peel from scratch? First, you will need some fresh oranges. January and February are excellent months to make candied peel, particularly candied orange peel, because the oranges usually have very thick peels at that time of year. The peels are also easy to remove.   So, begin by purchasing oranges that have a thick peel. Peel the oranges and enjoy eating them. Save the orange peel in a plastic bag. When you […]

Why Residents are Protesting against Mcdonalds in Tecoma Australia

Tecoma, Australia is a small rural town just east of Melbourne. Although it only has a population of roughly 2,000 residents it is proving that it carries a very powerful punch. The residents in this small town have been protesting a proposal by McDonald’s to open one of its restaurants in that small community. A significant portion of the residents in this small town have made it lucidly clear that they don’t want the fast food giant setting up shop in their community. According to a report by CNN the residents have multitudinous concerns and the concerns are proportionately spread across a wide demographic. There are those that believe the restaurant would be an eyesore and totally destroy the beauty of the current landscape. There are others that take issue with an international restaurant chain invading their small town and believe it would be the beginning of an influx of such chains. This is just the beginning of the concerns […]

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Basic information before using tampons

Using tampons is the most convenient method for menstrual hygiene protection while you know how to put on a tampon. Today’s tampons are invented by doctor Earle Hass. It was in 1929 and he got patent for tampons. He called his invention as a ‘catamenial’ device, which is a Greek word related to menstruation. But tampons are used before years by Egyptians and Greeks. Egyptians used tampons with cotton and they even made disposable tampons from papyrus. Ancient Greeks made used wood as applicator, which is wrapped by lint. All these information are available from the writing of Hippocrates who lived in fifth century B.C.  Later tampons moved way for sanitary pads. And many women think that tampons are very difficult to use. Sanitary pads give external protection which is not suitable for women who are physically active. For instance, a professional tennis player can’t wear pads which their short dress. Pads can’t use while swimming. Tampons are coming with […]

Ice Cream the old Fashioned way

When I remembered that July is the month to celebrate ice cream; my thoughts suddenly cluttered with memories of this sweet delight. Late Saturday evening I decided to surprise my husband Otto with some homemade ice cream; his appetite has been suffering since his surgery and long sojourn in the hospital, so I thought a creamy delight might be just what the doctor ordered. Within a few minutes, the mixture ripened in the refrigerator, while I retrieved the churn from the freezer, where it resides during the summer months. I quickly assembled the modern contraption, poured the mixture in the Freon-filled chamber, plugged it into the electrical socket, and in a flash, the frozen dessert was churning toward completion. Bless the convenience of modern-day appliances; I do not want to live without them. Back in the good ole days before you could produce a freezer full of homemade ice cream you first had to acquire an enormous bag of crushed […]