How does a Cookie Exchange Work

Baking cookies is something many families do during the holiday season. There are over a hundred different types of cookies that can be made. Baking cookies can be expensive and often times, not everyone gets their favorite cookie during the holiday season. However, there are ways that a person can have everyone’s favorite cookie and still stay on budget. Having a cookie exchange can be a great way to bring family and friends together while having almost a hundred cookies. To take home

Having a cookie exchange is about inviting guests over for a cookie party. Everyone buys their ingredients at a wholesale store that sells items in large lots. This makes it easier to save money for cookies. When the host of the party has a sign up sheet for the cookies, doing so avoids having two batches of the same type of cookie..

The idea is each person should bring at least twelve cookies for each guest and the host. There should also be a buffet set up at the party. This way another twelve cookies can be left for sampling. However, when baking there should be twelve cookies for each guest but if there is more than twelve people at the party, there will have to be more than twelve cookies on the buffet. Everyone should be able to taste the cookies before bringing them home.

This is a good way to exchange all sorts of cookies for everyone. This way no person is spending a lot of money for many different cookies. This can be great for kids because they will love all of the different desserts that their parents will bring home. This is also a good way to learn about different recipes and expand people’s culinary tastes.

If there is, anyone coming that has an allergy be sure to warn that person of what is in each cookie. Otherwise, the person will have an allegoric reaction at the party. This would not create a very pleasant holiday feel for the guests and the person that is sick. It is important that everyone gets to try the cookies because there will be some guests that leave the party with a new favorite type of cookie. This can be something that the husband’s enjoy too because they have some time by themselves and they get food when their wives come home from the party.