Dr Seuss Cake Decorating Tips

What can make a party even more fun?  A Dr. Seuss-themed cake will do the trick!  There are tons of fabulous, cake decorating ideas within the pages of Dr. Seuss’s children’s books.  Your party will be a huge success when a zany, Dr. Seuss cake is served.  As Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it, “If you never did you should.  These things are fun and fun is good.”

1~  Hat from ‘The Cat in the Hat” Cake:

This is an especially, magical cake to see at a party.  It’s really easy to make too.  The end result is a very tall cake that looks just like the cat’s hat in the book ‘The Cat in the Hat’.  All you have to do is to bake 5 round cakes.  Then you will want to let them cool and place them all on top of each other.  You should frost cakes 1, 3 and 5 with red frosting and cakes 2 and 4 with white frosting to represent the stripes on the hat.  You can also use a thin, icing or gel writer in black to draw some details on the hat such as crease lines.

2~  “Green Eggs and Ham” Cake:

You really only need to bake one, large rectangle cake for this and maybe two smaller cakes or cupcakes or even two cookies.  When the large cake is cool enough you can cut slices off of the sides of it to shape it into an oblong ham.  You can used what you scrape off to add to the top of the cake.  You can place the two cupcakes or whatever you are using next to the ‘ham’ cake on a serving dish.  You will want to frost the outside of the ‘ham’ with green frosting and the front part with pink and white to indicate the ‘ham’s’ insides.  You might want to add some accent lines to the ‘ham’ in black.  You should frost the two ‘eggs’ using yellow and white frosting so that they resemble eggs that are sunny-side up. 

3~  Open “Cat in the Hat” Book Cake:

For this readable and edible cake you will need to bake two, rectangular cakes.  When they cool you should place them side by side length-wise.  Now you will have made your ‘open Dr. Seuss book’.  You may also want to bake a small, round cake or large cupcake to add to the top of the open ‘book’ representing the Cat in the Hat’s head peeking over the book.  Next you should use an actual Dr. Seuss, “Cat in the Hat” book as a guide.  You can open the book and start drawing the words and artwork from the two open pages onto the cakes with decorator pens.  For the book “The Cat in the Hat” you will only need cake decorating gel or icing in red, white, black and blue. 

4~  “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” Cake:  It will be easiest if you use a small, cake pan shaped like a fish.  You can bake 5 of these ‘fish cakes’.  When the cakes cool you can place them side by side on a serving platter.  When frosting the fish you should frost one white, two green, one red and one blue.  You can use a black, cake decorating pen to draw in some of the fishy details.  Another idea you can use is to bake one rectangle cake and decorate it like the cover of the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”.  The cover of the book is yellow and you can look at a picture of the cover or the actual book and copy its design.  You can also choose to duplicate the cover of any Dr. Seuss book you want.

5~  “Horton Hears a Who” Cake:

You can use an elephant-shaped cake pan or you can just bake one, large round cake for Horton the elephant’s head.  You will also need to use a second cake mix.  With this you will bake half of the cake mix in a rectangular pan and the other half into six cupcakes.  When the cakes cool you can place the large, round cake in the center of the platter for Horton’s ‘head’.  You can then cut the rectangular cake into two ‘ears’ and place them on both sides of the elephant’s ‘head’.  You can then use the cupcakes to fashion Horton’s ‘trunk’.  If you like you can add a ‘flower’ shaped piece of cake or a cookie for Horton to hold in his ‘trunk’.  You can also use a drinking straw for the flower’s ‘stem’.  The last step is to frost the elephant in all gray frosting except for the whites of the eyes, the black outlining and the pink ‘flower’.

6~  The Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake:

This cake is by far one of the most whimsical cakes you can bake.  You can get as creative as you like with this crazy, Dr. Seuss, birthday cake.  You will need to bake at least three (can use more) small, round cakes.  You will stack them on top of each other with some of the 2nd cake from the bottom sticking out to the left and some of the 3rd layer of cake should be sticking out to the left and so on.  This will create a funny, lopsided look.  Or you could shave the tops off of the cakes so that they actually are lopsided.  You can add pillars, draw on bows, add on candy, polka-dots and use all the colors of the rainbow.  You can poke in some swirly, bent pipe cleaners that stick out of the cake.  You can even draw Dr. Seuss characters on the sides of this cake.  You will of course want to add a big, wacky candle to the tip-top of the cake.  This cake is a true, cake masterpiece.  For a special surprise with this cake or any of the other cakes you can add a little bit of food coloring to the cake batter so that when someone takes a bite, the inside of the cake will be an unexpected, yet delightful array of bright colors.

“Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.”

~ Dr. Seuss