Cleaning Your Metal Cutlery

Yes, you read that right in this article we’ll talk about spoons, forks, table knives and other metal items that you use when you’re dining. Most of the time metal tableware is a heavy duty equipment that doesn’t get dirty very fast, but in time there may be spots on it from constant usage.

All of the tips that we’re going to discuss are recommended by a cleaning agency in London.

You have probably spotted at least once in your life, when in a restaurant the forks and table knives are not shining enough and have smudges on them. It’s not pleasant to eat with those is it ? That’s why we’ll give you some advice on how to shine them properly, so your guests will not be disgusted when they have dinner at your home.

First you need to prepare some items before you start with the cleaning process. Take a bowl, some tin foil, baking soda,rubber gloves and a clean towel. Cover the bottom of the bowl with the tin foil. Put the glove and pour some warm water in the bowl (about 5cm deep). Put the cutlery in the bowl and pour the baking soda in. Leave them for about 10 minutes, so the soda can lift up and dissolve any dirt particles. Get the items out of the water and rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Now it is time to buff the cutlery. Take the soft cloth and buff them until they’re shining. And this is it, now they will be ready for any official guests.

If you have any questions about cleaning, call at a cleaning company in London and don’t hesitate to ask for help and advice.