Basic information before using tampons

Using tampons is the most convenient method for menstrual hygiene protection while you know how to put on a tampon. Today’s tampons are invented by doctor Earle Hass. It was in 1929 and he got patent for tampons. He called his invention as a ‘catamenial’ device, which is a Greek word related to menstruation. But tampons are used before years by Egyptians and Greeks. Egyptians used tampons with cotton and they even made disposable tampons from papyrus. Ancient Greeks made used wood as applicator, which is wrapped by lint. All these information are available from the writing of Hippocrates who lived in fifth century B.C.  Later tampons moved way for sanitary pads. And many women think that tampons are very difficult to use.

Sanitary pads give external protection which is not suitable for women who are physically active. For instance, a professional tennis player can’t wear pads which their short dress. Pads can’t use while swimming. Tampons are coming with many positives. Only one negative is there, that is Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is a very rare disease, at the same time dangerous. One can avoid this disease by the appropriate use of tampons.

Remember these facts before using tampons

There are so many misconceptions about using tampons. Some women believe that tampons get stuck inside vagina and cause many related problems. It is a blunder and tampons never get stuck inside vagina. A tampon can’t get inside your body, because there is no more space to go anywhere. If you want to remove the tampon, you can pull it out with the help of tampon string. Tampons are coming with cotton string for this purpose. If the string breaks out, one can try to get it out hands. If it fails, you can go for a doctor.

One needs to remove the tampon after 4 or 6 hours of use.  One must change the Tampon after this time. Tampons may cause irritation when removing it. This is because of the dryness of the tampon.  The only solution for this problem is to use tampons with absorbency which suits for you.  High absorbency can cause dryness and pain at the time of removal. If you are using tampons with correct absorbency, you won’t feel any pain or dryness, when removing it. A pad is must after removing tampon, which helps to clean vagina from bacteria. It is also a precaution for TSS infection. Keeping tampon inside vagina for a long time is the main cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Read the instructions given on the tampon packs.  It may differ from each brand.

Users often dispose used tampons carelessly. It is a fact that tampons and their applicators are not flushable. Some companies assure that their tampons are flushable, with cardboard applicators and cotton wad. But both these things can clog the toilet, blocking the sanitary pipes. This may lead to flooding of the sanitary system. So try to dispose tampons into your trash, after wrapping it into a paper. This is the best option to dispose tampons.