Egg Substitutes for Cake Recipes

Whether you are eliminating eggs due to allergies or other health reasons or you are simply enjoying the Vegan diet, there are several natural ingredients that you can use instead of eggs when baking cakes. Eggs serve different purposes for different types of bakery products. In cookies and muffins, eggs add moisture to the batter and can often be replaced simply by increasing the amount of liquid in the recipe. In cakes, the egg serves as a leavening agent. In other words, eggs are what make the cake light and fluffy. The less eggs in a recipe, the easier it is to substitute an ingredient for the eggs. The following ingredients can be used as substitutes for one egg in cake recipes:a banana a cup applesauce, pumpkin, squash, or pureed prunes One important thing to remember is that any of the above ingredients will add a touch of their flavor to the cake. These substitutes will tend to make the cake […]

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Cookie Exchange

It has been a long established tradition in many families to celebrate the holiday season with copious displays of holiday cookies.  In past generations cookie baking was a family tradition where generations of women would gather in the kitchen on late autumn afternoons or evenings, pull out the old family favorite recipes and make batch after delicious batch of peanut butter, chocolate chip, vanilla drops and many other highly prized cookies.  Many of these recipes only saw the light of day during the holidays or, perhaps, for a special occasion throughout the year.  Moms were quite good at packaging cookies for the freezer or in airtight containers to last during the holiday season.  If they did run out unexpectedly, most moms were more than willing to whip up another batch or two. Recent generations have found that mom is less likely to be in the kitchen throughout the day.  More often than not, when she returns from the a long […]