Tips to Make Spicy Food even Children can Eat

The global world is fast becoming a global kitchen. More than ever before, people are able to partake in an incredible variety of foods from every country. Within the last ten years exotic restaurants and specialty food stores have popped up with menu offerings from countries we’d be lucky to visit in our entire lifetimes. Suddenly people are very familiar with Japanese sashimi and Vietnamese pho soup. It’s a good idea to have children experience different ethnic food early to broaden their food experience, and have a greater knowledge of the peoples of the globe. But when it comes to Mexican, Thai, etc- how can we make these spicy foods that even children can eat ? A safe time to start The American Dietetic Association has agreed that around the 24-month mark is a good place to start with mild spices. But the case has been made that moms have probably been introducing spicy food to their babies, wittingly or not, […]