Spicy Food that is Suitable for Children

Cooking with spices should not be a problem when serving food to children. It is possible to make spicy food that children will want to eat, and adults can also enjoy. Starters, main courses, desserts and party food can all be made with a little extra spice. There are a few precautions to observe when preparing spicy food for children. Babies and infants have delicate digestive systems, and may have a bad reaction to spicy food. Infants under the age of one should never be given spicy food. Children between the ages of one and two can be gradually introduced to mildly spiced food, but should not be given any hot spices that act as stimulants. Hot spices create a strong burning sensation within the mouth, and children do not want to eat any food that causes pain. Older children can become more adventurous in their food choices once they are accustomed to eating food that is just a little bit spicy.  Here are a few tips and ideas for making spicy food […]