Homemade Cookies that Make Great Christmas Gifts

Homemade cookies make the perfect Christmas gift. There are many people that one would like to give a little gift during the holidays. A bag of homemade cookies is not too expensive and it is a warm and thoughtful gift. You can hand them out to your children’s teachers, colleagues at work or even neighbors. People of different religions than yours will also enjoy this token of friendship during Christmas. If you have a good basic recipe, you can add different ingredients to make different variations of cookies. Also decorating the cookies in different ways will make the recipient feel as if you have slaved for hours to made his lovely bag of homemade cookies. Here is the recipe for the basic dough. 250 gram of butter half a cup of white sugar half a cup of brown or yellow sugar one extra large egg one teaspoon of vanilla extract two cups of flour a half a teaspoon of baking […]

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Nutritional Substitute for Chocolate the History uses and value of Carob

Carob versus Chocolate – Is the Former Better than the Latter? Carob is often considered to be a chocolate or cocoa substitute and is defined as “A powder or fine flour ground from the carob pod or locust bean. It is naturally sweet, low in fat and has no caffeine. It has a dark brown flavor and substitutes for chocolate, but lacks the characteristic bitterness of chocolate.” The question of whether carob is a better food choice than chocolate is a highly debatable one. Let’s take a closer look … A Look at the Origins of the Carob Plant Carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua) are very attractive looking evergreen trees that have compound leaves, which means that they consist of two to six pairs of oval leaflets. These trees, which originate from the eastern Mediterranean (the Middle East) and have been grown for over 4000 years, can grow as tall as ten to fifteen meters. Carob is now grown in abundance […]

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